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Administration Manual Online-Interim /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Administration-Manual-Online_Interim.pdf
This document has been reposted from spring 2016 and is intended to support the administration of interim assessments.

This document was developed collaboratively in spring 2015 with support from Karen Brown Smith of the InterMountain Education Service District in Oregon.

AIRWays Reporting User Guide – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/AIRWays-Reporting-User-Guide.pdf
(September 24, 2018: Updated for 2018-19) This user guide provides instructions and support for users viewing assessment performance reports in AIRWays Reporting.
AVA User Guide – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/AVA-User-Guide.pdf
(November 7, 2018: Updated, refer to the revision log on the last page) The Assessment Viewing Application (AVA) is a component of the Test Delivery System that allows authorized users to view interim assessments for administrative or instructional purposes. The intended purpose of the AVA is to provide Test Administrators:
  • with access to the actual interim assessments before students are tested.
  • a greater understanding of the content being assessed and the time needed for students to complete an interim assessment.

It is important that educators review this entire document prior to using this application.

DEI User Guide – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/DEI-User-Guide-2018.pdf
(November 9, 2018: New for 2018-19) The Data Entry Interface (DEI) User Guide for the ELPA21 Screener, ELPA Summative, and WCAS Science assessments will assist users in entering student assessment data such as question responses and scores.
Guidelines on Tools, Supports & Accommodations for State Assessments /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Guidelines-on-Tools-Support-or-Accommodations.pdf

(September 20, 2018: New for 2018-19) The GTSA will be used for the administration of the 2018-19 Smarter Balanced, WCAS, OGL, and ELPA21 assessments.

This document guides decisions associated with student access to state assessments. The basis of the guidelines is built upon collaboration amongst multiple states and input from nationally recognized experts on English learners and students with disabilities. The guidelines are research-based and outline three categories of resources—tools, supports, and accommodations. Based on the format of the state test (online or paper/pencil) an access feature will either be embedded as part of the test delivery system or non-embedded (accompanies the test).

“Tools” are available to all students and can be used at the student’s discretion.

“Supports” are also available to all students, but an educator knowledgeable of the student’s needs has to activate the feature for use.

“Accommodations” are available to students with a documented need noted in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan.

Additional Resources

Guidance for IEP Teams: Student Participation in Statewide Assessments for Accountability and Graduation (PDF) (New 11/30/2018)

100’s Number Table (Updated: 11/8/17)

Braille & Large Print Administration Instructions (Updated: 5/15/18)

Calculator and Electronic Device Policy (Updated 11/30/2018)

Multiplication Table (Updated: 11/8/17)

Non-Standard Accommodation & Designated Support Request (Updated: 11/30/18)

Periodic Table 

Scratch Paper Log (Updated: 11/8/17)

Simplified Test Directions Guidelines (Updated: 11/8/17)

(2018-19 COMING SOON) (March 2, 2018: Updated for 2017-18) This document includes information to support professional standards and ethical testing practices including policies, responsibilities, and permissions. It also provides detailed information regarding test security, incident processing and reporting.

ORS—Online Reporting System /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Online-Reporting-System-User-Guide.pdf
(September 18, 2018: Updated for 2018-19) This user guide will assist users in navigating the online reporting system for online assessments.
The Practice Test Scoring Guide provides an overview of the Practice and Training Test site and information about accessing the Practice and Training Tests. The Practice Tests are similar in format and structure to the actual test and are available grades 3 through 8 and high school for mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA).

Practice Test Scoring Guides, Resources, and Documentation

TA User Guide /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Test-Administrator-User-Guide-2018.pdf
(October 1, 2018: New for 2018-19) This user guide will assist TAs as they navigate the online system interface.
TAM: Assessments Overview /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/TAM-Spring-Assessment-Overview.pdf


Test Administration Manual
TAM (New: 10/5/18)

TA Script of Student Directions


Smarter Balanced Online (New: 10/5/18)


Errata Sheet – Fall Paper TA scripts and ELA Listening transcripts (new: 10/11/18)

Smarter Balanced ELA (Revised: 4/18/18)

Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr6, Gr7, Gr8 and High School

Smarter Balanced Math (Revised: 4/18/18)

Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr6, Gr7, Gr8 and High School

Accommodated Forms
Braille and Large Print Instructions (Updated: 5/15/18)


Online ELA and Math (New: 3/8/17)
Arabic: ELA, Math, Cantonese: ELA, Math, Dakota: ELA, Math, Filipino: ELA, Math, French: ELA, Math, Haitian: ELA, Math, Hmong: ELA, Math, Japanese: ELA, Math, Korean: ELA, Math, Lakota: ELA, Math, Mandarin: ELA, Math, Punjabi: ELA, Math, Russian: ELA, Math, Somali: ELA, Math, Spanish: ELA, Math, Ukrainian: ELA, Math, Vietnamese: ELA, Math, Yupik: ELA, Math

Additional Resources

Definitions and Acronyms
Forbidden Apps List 2019 
(Updated 11/7/2018)
Item Type Response Quick Sheet
Technical Skills for Keyboard Commands
Tool Button Tip Sheet
Proctoring Training and Practice Tests

TIDE—Test Information Distribution Engine - ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/TIDE-User-Guide.pdf
(September 13, 2018: Updated for 2018-19) This user guide is intended to provide specific instruction for navigating the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). Details include accessing TIDE, ordering materials, managing users, working with student data, rostering, appeals, test incident codes and uploading files.