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Braille Requirements Document for Online Systems – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Braille-Requirements-and-Testing-Manual.pdf
(October 17, 2018: Updated for 2018-19) This document provides information about supported hardware and software requirements for Braille testing and instructions for configuring JAWS. Information about navigating a test with JAWS is also included.

(March 12, 2019: Updated for 2018-19) This document includes information to support professional standards and ethical testing practices including policies, responsibilities, and permissions. It also provides detailed information regarding test security, incident processing and reporting.

Additional Resources
Test Security and Building Plan Template (Updated 3/13/19)

Operating System Support Plan for Test Delivery System – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Operating-System-Support-Plan-for-Test-Delivery-System.pdf
(July 3, 2018: Updated for 2018-19) This document provides guidance on issues pertaining to the end of support for computer operating systems.
Secure Browser Installation Manual – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Secure-Browser-Installation-Manual.pdf
(July 20, 2018: Updated for 2018-19) This manual will guide and assist technology coordinators in downloading the Secure Browser to support computers and devices used for students participating in online testing.
System Requirements for Online Testing – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/System-Requirements-for-Online-Testing.pdf

(January 23, 2019: Updated, refer to revision log on the last page) This document contains basic technology requirements (supported operating systems/web browsers and equipment requirements) for online testing.

Additional Resources
Approved Headsets

Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing – ADA /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Tech_Specs_Manual_2018-19_ADA.pdf

(April 10, 2019: Updated, refer to the revision log on the last page) This manual provides information about hardware, software, and network configurations for running various testing applications.  The System Requirements for Online Testing document lists the minimum hardware and software requirements for online testing. These publications are intended for technology coordinators responsible for configuring the hardware, software, and network in a school’s online testing environment.


Additional Resources
Disabling Chromevox
Disabling Predictive Text on HP Touchscreen
Forbidden Apps List 2019 (Updated 11/7/2018)