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Scratch Paper Log /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Scratch-Paper-Log_ADA.pdf
(November 11, 2017: Updated for 2017-18) The Scratch Paper Log is used to record additional sheets of scratch paper requested by students. Regardless of whether the student uses the scratch paper or not, it is checked back in at the end of the test session. Any missing sheets must be immediately located. The check-in/check-out process is monitored through the scratch paper log.
Tool Button Sheet for ELPA21 /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/ELPA21-Tool-Button-Sheet2.pdf
(January 28, 2017: Updated for 2016-17) The 2016-17 Tool Button Sheet was created to support students when TAs proctor the ELPA21 Training Test. If this sheet is provided to students during the ELPA21 Summative assessment, the sheet may not be used as scratch paper and must be collected and processed according to the school’s Test Security and Build Plan.