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Interim, Training, and Practice Test Resource Overview /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Interim-Training-Practice-Test-Resources.pdf
The following resources familiarize users with the practice, Training, and Interim assessments as well as the scoring processes.  

Interim Assessment Supports
Scoring Specifications: Hand-scoring for Smarter Balanced
Math Training Guide and Exemplar Overview
Overview to Scoring ELA Interims (Updated: 2/3/17)

Training and Practice Test Supports
Using the Online Practice and Training Tests

Communications and Resources Overview: Smarter Balanced /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Communication-and-Resources-Overview_Smarter-TA.pdf

The following resources were provided by Smarter Balanced to assist Teachers and TAs by providing information on item development, item types, test booklet examples, and a fact sheet that includes resources that help check in on student progress throughout the year.

Test Administrator Supports
Formulas and Conversion Guidelines
Item Specifications
Item Type Quick Sheet
Teacher Fact Sheet

Accommodated Supports
Test Booklet Sample - ELA
Test Booklet Sample - Mathematics

Achievement Level Descriptors (ALD) Glossary of Terms /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/ALD_Smarter-ELA-Literacy.pdf
Achievement level descriptors (ALDs) articulate the knowledge, skills, and processes expected of students at different levels of performance on the Smarter Balanced assessments. Smarter Balanced is developing an integrated suite of ALDs aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Smarter Balanced assessment claims in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. The ALDs were developed by K-12 teachers and administrators and higher education faculty from two- and four-year colleges and universities representing Smarter Balanced Governing States. The ALDs are linked to an operational definition of college content-readiness, as well as a policy framework to guide score interpretation for high schools and colleges.
Assessment Blueprint Overview /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Assessment-Blueprint-Overview.pdf

The Smarter Balanced blueprints describe the content of the ELA and math summative assessments and interim assessments, and how that content will be assessed. The blueprints include critical information about the number of questions, score points, and depth of knowledge for items associated with each assessment target.

Interim Blueprints
Blocks (IAB): ELAMathematics (Updated: 9/14/18)

Comprehensive (ICA): ELA, Mathematics (New: 9/14/18)

Summative Blueprints
ELAMathematics (Updated: 9/14/18)

Classroom Resources Overview /core/fileparse.php/2317/urlt/Classroom-Resources-Overview_03132017.pdf
Classroom resource documents are embedded below and support testing sites when administering state assessments.

Test Location Supports
Do Not Disturb Sign
English, Spanish
Pencil Reminder
Color, B & W

Additional Resources

Calculator and Electronic Device Policy (Updated 11/30/2018)
Keyboarding Shortcuts
Accessibility Features for Student Access (formerly Materials Available for Student Access) (coming soon)
Multiplication Table (Accommodation only)
Periodic Table 
Proctoring Practice and Training Tests
Science Online Training Test Support (coming soon)
Scratch Paper Log
Tool Button Tip Sheet (coming soon)
Test Security and Building Plan Template (coming soon)
100’s Number Table (Accommodation only) 

Smarter Balanced Glossaries
Individual Student
Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr6, Gr7, Gr8
Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr6, Gr7, Gr8, High School