• May 26, 2017 – AIR systems summer downtime schedule

    To prepare for the start of the 2017-2018 school year, AIR will be updating AIR systems including TIDE, TDS, ORS, AIR Ways, THSS and AVA.  These updates will occur on the schedule below and will require some scheduled downtime listed below for each system.  Please note that Thursday, August 10 is the last day that the 2016-2017 interim assessments, AVA, THSS and AIR Ways will be available before transitioning to the next school year.

    TIDE –

    Saturday, July 8-Sunday, July 9 – TIDE downtime.

    Thursday, July 27-Sunday July 30 – TIDE downtime.  SY16-17 TIDE will be available on July 31 until August 11

    Saturday, August 12-Sunday August 13 – TIDE downtime

    Monday, August 14 – TIDE go live for SY17-18

    TDS, ORS, AIR Ways, THSS, AVA –

    Friday, July 7 – TDS, ORS, THSS, AVA will be read only to viewers

    Saturday, July 8-Tuesday, July 11 – System downtime for TDS, ORS, THSS, AVA

    Wednesday, July 12 – TDS, ORS, AIR Ways, THSS, and AVA will be live again with SY16-17 information and system access.

    Thursday, July 27-Sunday, July 30 – ORS will be ‘static’ and will only be viewable to users

    Thursday, August 10 – Last day to administer a SY2016-2017 interim assessment in the test delivery system, access SY2016-2017 AVA, access SY2016-2017 THSS, and access SY2016-2017 AIR Ways before systems re-open for SY17-18

    Friday, August 11 -Sunday August 13 – TDS, ORS, AIR Ways, THSS, and AVA downtime

    Monday, August 14 – TDS, ORS, AIR Ways, THSS, AVA go live for SY17-18 (ELPA21 Operational Screener and Smarter Balanced Interims will open for SY17-18)

    Added May 26, 2017
  • May 11, 2017 – Official support for Chrome 58

    AIR is scheduled to offer official support for Chrome 58, by the morning of 5/19/2017, except for ELPA21.  There is a known issue with the recorder tool when using Chrome OS 58, therefore Chrome OS 58 is not supported for ELPA21 testing.

    Added May 11, 2017
  • May 4, 2017 – Updated Technical Specifications Manual with finalized Chromevox and Text-to-Speech guidance

    OSPI has determined that Chromevox is not to be used during testing at all, due to the potential security risks involved. This is different than past communication on Chromevox, which implied that it may still be used as needed for students needing text-to-speech accommodations.

    Text-to-speech (TTS) is available as both an embedded and non-embedded designated support/accommodation, that must be set up in TIDE, and includes a feature that allows students to pause and then resume TTS in the middle of a passage. The pause feature does not work on mobile devices such as iPads and Chromebooks. Consequently, it is recommended that schools with students who require TTS as a non-embedded designated support/accommodation should consider using desktop or laptop computers running Windows or Mac OS. It is also recommended that all students take a practice or training test to gain familiarity with text to speech.

    If students who require TTS must test on Chromebook devices, though, please follow the steps in the latest Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing, and ensure that Chromevox is disabled. Students needing embedded TTS will still be able to utilize that feature through the Test Delivery System, if the students are properly set for TTS in TIDE, despite Chromevox being disabled.



    Added May 4, 2017
  • May 2, 2017 – AIR does not yet support Chrome version 58

    Google has recently moved Chrome 58 to the stable channel, for some Chrome OS based devices, but AIR does not yet officially support version 58.  Chromebooks should be kept on the versions available on the WCAP Portal’s Secure Browsers page and districts should not upgrade to Chrome 58 until AIR supports this version. It has not yet been confirmed whether version 58 will contain a fix for the known Recorder tool issue on version 57 that impacts ELPA21 testing.

    Added May 2, 2017
  • May 1, 2017 – Update on Spring EOC tracking and shipping information in TIDE

    AIR is working on loading the Spring EOC tracking, shipping and RAMIS file information into TIDE at this time and expect that this will be completed early this week.  We thank you for your patience as we work through this issue to ensure that the information is loaded accurately for districts.  An additional update will be sent to districts when this issue is resolved.

    Added May 1, 2017