• March 6, 2017 – ELPA21 Braille student test booklets arriving in districts on Thursday, March 9

    For districts who have placed orders for ELPA21 Braille test booklets please be aware that these test materials are scheduled to arrive in districts on Thursday, March 9.  As a reminder, the ELPA21 Additional Order window closes in TIDE on March 21 and the ELPA21 testing window closes on March 30.  Districts are required to enter student responses for Braille into the Data Entry Interface (DEI) by Monday, April 3.

    Added March 6, 2017
  • February 27, 2017 – Appearance of Student Tests on DEI

    In the DEI, the colors of the eligible tests in the student interface for Braille and Large Print are currently appearing grey, however users may still start and complete entering of these ELPA21 assessments. AIR is working on correcting the colors and the field will be notified when the correct colors are showing. If you have any questions please contact the WCAP Help Desk at (844) 560-7366 or

    Added February 27, 2017
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017 – Update on ELPA21 Data Entry Interface (DEI) access and materials for students using Large Print or Braille test booklets for ELPA21

    Similar to last year, student responses will be entered into the DEI for ELPA21 for students participating in the assessment using Large Print or Braille accommodated paper test booklets.  The DEI is available when selecting the ELPA21 User Card on the WCAP portal home page.  Access to these tests must be selected in TIDE on the student settings tab for each student.  Please see the eligibility requirements that need to be selected below.  The DEI tests will be available on Monday, February 27 and close on Monday, April 3.  All student responses must be entered by the close of this window.

    Large Print DEI access – Select Test Eligibility and Explicit Test Eligibility=ELPA21 to see the Large Print DEI in the test delivery system

    Braille DEI access – Select Test Eligibility, Explicit Test Eligibility=ELPA21 and Presentation=Braille under Embedded Accommodations to see the Braille DEI in the test delivery system

    A DEI user guide and training webinar will be available very soon on the WCAP portal for district access.

    Please contact the WCAP Help Desk if you have any trouble accessing these tests once the window is live.



    Added February 21, 2017
  • February 13, 2017 – ELPA21 Speaking Recording Issues and Chrome OS 56   

    An updated version of Chrome OS 56 was released last week. However, the released version of Chrome OS 56 did not include the fix for ELPA21 speaking recording that was included in the preliminary version that AIR tested internally. AIR has been in touch with Google and is asking them to release the code that fixes speaking recording as a patch for Chrome OS 56. We will provide a follow-up as soon as we have more information regarding when this will happen. In the meantime, Chromebooks that were unable to be used for recording ELPA21 Speaking responses while running Chrome OS 55 will have the same issue when running Chrome OS 56. We continue to recommend that all schools that use Chromebooks take a training test on the Chromebook and confirm that ELPA21 Speaking records correctly before administering an operational test to students on a Chromebook.

    Added February 13, 2017
  • February 2, 2017 – UPDATE ELPA21 Issues Using Chrome OS 54 or 55 on HP, Samsung, ASUS, or Dell Chromebooks

     AIR reported earlier that there are issues with ELPA21 speaking items on HP, Samsung, ASUS, and Dell Chromebooks running Chrome OS 54 and 55. Further investigation indicates that these issues affect some Chromebooks of these brands but not all Chromebooks. Given this, we suggest that if you are planning to test students using an HP, Samsung, ASUS, or Dell Chromebook you first take a training test on the Chromebook. If the speaking items function correctly on the training test and your recordings play back clearly you can move ahead with administering the speaking test on these Chromebooks.

    Listening, reading, and writing items are functioning correctly on these Chromebooks. If you do encounter issues with the speaking items, you should still be able to move ahead with administering listening, reading, and writing tests on the Chromebooks.

    We continue to expect Chrome OS 56 to be released to the public within the next few days. AIR now has the final version of Chrome OS 56 in our lab and the issues with speaking items appear to be fixed. We recommend that you install Chrome OS 56 on a Chromebook when it is released and take a training test with that Chromebook to confirm that you do not encounter any issues.

    OSPI suggests the following interim guidance until a fix has been implemented:

    1. Verify whether your Chromebooks work correctly when taking the ELPA21 Training Test. If the Speaking portion functions appropriately, you can continue with testing as scheduled.
    2. If your Chromebooks do not function appropriately during the Speaking portion of the ELPA21 Training Test, consider administering the other Test domains (Reading, Listening, Writing Online, Writing Supplement [K-1]). For the Speaking domain, you can either administer the Speaking Test on another platform or wait until Chrome OS 56 has been released.
    Added February 8, 2017